AP Chem-Induced Sleeplessness

by Reagan Blewer


Am born am gone
Find self in peculiar mood
on tip of tongue
dandelion seed speaks to
roots of my hair it
cannot find a place to put own
says stars and sky are simply rust
of cosmos we are oxides
and ions flaking off
unsure decaying in space
between together and apart
and are such silly worries and
do not think it says and just
breathe because we do not think at all
we are red black ants crawling
starstuff tablecloth onto cosmic nectarine
we bite and carry home
juices resting in our feet our mind
it runs faster through us
than us to it but chooses to stay
despite this.
We are something everything
I am writing down faster than I think
I am writing and not thinking and hankering
For something incomplete
wish to be unbalanced equation
oxidation numbers far too positive not
enough to balance me out
am negative ion at moment
zipping back and forth in language of numbers